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Hidden camera surveillance for farmers

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THEFT is a common complaint for many property owners where long distances between homestead and machinery sheds can become easy prey for professional thieves and trespassers alike.

With the average farm machinery shed housing tools and equipment often valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars or more, farm security should be high on the list of primary producers.

Australian company Hidden Camera Surveillance (HCS) offers a wide range of surveillance technology to assist farmers in keeping expensive tools and machinery from thieves.

With massive advances in digital technology, the company has recently been able offer a range of high performing products at reasonable prices and of particular interest to farmers.

One is Farm Cam, otherwise known as Xtreme Digilant. Farm Cam is 100% Australian owned and designed.

This device is ideal for remote locations such as farms, sheds, homes or even the front gate where any person driving or walking onto a property can be identified including vehicle registration numbers if placed in the right location.

A camera with an in-built motion sensor, Farm Cam can be cleverly concealed within a range of general items normally found on a property such as a steel bollard for strength, durability and immovability.

Farm Cam’s pinhole camera cannot be seen; therefore it cannot be tampered with or stolen.

HCS can even conceal the Farm Cam in something as small as a book on a shelf, perhaps even a small box, side of a house or shed, attached to a tree or glued to a roof.

If used outdoors, the Farm Cam is placed into a weatherproof structure.

The device is completely battery operated up to 6 weeks. The battery can be recharged or simply exchanged with a charged battery as required. HCS will even supply (as an option) a small solar panel to keep the battery charged indefinitely when the camera is left unattended for long periods. It is possible to use a power source if it is near the Farm Cam and then the battery can be used as a back up.

Farm Cam is available as a complete kit that includes the pinhole camera built into a small circuit board, which also contains the motion sensor.

Also provided is an IR remote control to activate and deactivate Farm Cam, 32MB memory card to store the motion detected images, USB memory card reader, software, power supply, rechargeable Hi capacity battery and instructions. A 1GB memory card can store up to 65,000 photos.

Images are recorded to Farm Cam digitally as soon as the sensor detects motion (just like an alarm system). The camera does not need to be on permanently.

The remote control will deactivate Farm Cam when the owner or a trusted person is present.

The Farm Cam automatically records on each photo the time and date of capture and the time gap between each photo.

With a little more imagination, Farm Cam can be used more than merely to record the movements of would-be miscreants.

If Farm Cam is painted with camouflaged colours, wildlife enthusiasts, who set them up next to feed bowls frequented by birds, can use the device.

Farm Cam stock many more surveillance-related gadgets that can be invaluable in ensuring the security of any farm.

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