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Hidden Camera Surveillance Services  offers the hidden clock radio camera, one of the latest advances in covert hidden camera surveillance technology. 

The hidden clock radio camera features a cleverly concealed pinhole colour camera built into the clock along with a micro microphone. It now includes a smoke detector with WiFi.

Hidden Camera Surveillance pre-programs everything for the buyer before the clock radio camera even leaves the shop including time, date and motion detection recording set-up. 

The company can also program the DVR to start recording at any given time and stop recording at another pre-defined time. 

This can be done on a weekly basis so that the camera doesn't have to be recording every time someone walks past the clock.

The hidden clock radio cam DVR is supplied with a wireless remote control and an RCA AV video and audio lead. 

Playback of recordings is very easy and there are several methods. 

Several RCA inputs are provided on the back or side of televisions called VIDEO IN and AUDIO IN.  

Using the supplied colour coded lead (yellow for video and white for audio), the user can connect to the TV inputs. 

The other end of the lead connects directly to the clock and the recording can be efficiently played back.

Using the supplied remote control, the user can use the Menu button to set the time and date, play back recordings including fast forward and rewind as well as set up scheduled recordings.  

Phone assistance is also provided by the company for operating the hidden clock radio camera and the system also comes with a user manual.

Another option for playback is to simply remove the internal SD memory card in the camera and play back recordings direct to a PC with an optional USB SD memory card reader.

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