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Safety and traffic control equipment available from Hi-Vis Signs and Safety

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Hi-Vis Signs and Safety  manufacture, import and stock a range of safety and traffic control equipment available for immediate delivery, including lights and beacons, barrier boards and tape, cones, bollards, high visibility clothing, speed humps, mirrors and specialised paints.

Hi-Vis Signs and Safety manufacture the following products:

  • Safety Vests: Today’s crowded roads are no place for workers unless car drivers can see them. Hunter Valley Signs have an extensive range of safety vests and clothing available in both reflective and non-reflective for day and night time use. Hi-Vis Signs and Safety can screen print the company logo and name onto all garments.
  • Speed Humps: Hunter Valley Signs have two different types of speed humps available for use in car park situations for the slowing of traffic flow through specific areas. Hi-Vis Signs and Safety stock metal humps or recycled rubber type both are of a modular type and are durable and long lasting with concealed fastenings and are easy to install.
  • Traffic Cones: Hunter Valley Signs have a range of traffic cones available. These are designed for maximum visibility under all weather conditions. Fluorescent red/orange colour clearly defines the work zone. These are easy to handle and easily stackable. Hi-Vis Signs and Safety can also supply with retro-reflective collars for night visibility. The traffic cones are available in 300mm, 450mm, 700mm and 900mm sizes. Hunter Valley Signs can also brand the cones with the company’s logo or initials to make them more identifiable.
  • Temporary Bollards: The Hunter Valley Signs Temporary Bollard is an economical, cost effective and safe delineation system for busy roads and worksites. Its bright fluorescent orange colour and reflective bands provide high visibility all hours of the day and night in all weather conditions. The two types of Temporary Bollards are BOLLARD1 - Traffic Bollard - 1 x 200mm Class 1 band and BOLLARD2 - Traffic Bollard - 2 x 200mm Class 1 band.
  • Reflectaline: Reflectaline is an Australian made product from Hunter Valley Signs. It offers maximum visual impact day and night. The secret of reflectaline is the total amount of reflective area. Reflectaline is available in a range of roll sizes and colours for use.
    Refline1 - 20m Fluorescent/Class 1 reflectaline
    Refline2 - 20m custom colour combination reflectaline
    Refline3 - 20m Red/White Class 1 reflectaline
  • Barrier Boards: Hunter Valley Sign stock PVC Barrier Boards with reflective striping in black and yellow and can brand these with a logo of company name. 
  • Barrier Mesh: Hunter Valley Signs have a number of different types of barrier mesh available in differing quality and roll lengths to suit users' requirements.
  • Flashing Lamps: HVSFLITE, Hi-Vis Signs and Safety’s own brand of flashing lights are also available. These can be attached to barrier boards to light and delineate hazardous work zones.
  • Traffic Wand Control: HVSNIGHTWAND - Hunter Valley Signs offer an illuminating wand for use in night or poor visibility conditions to control traffic movements. It is a 4-in-1 unit with torch, siren, flasher and chirp functions.
  • Convex Mirrors: Hi-Vis Signs and Safety have a range of convex mirrors available for security or safety use. They are available in outdoor and indoor types in a range of sizes ranging from 300mm to 1000mm diameter with different fittings for a variety.
  • Danger Tags: HVSDTAGS, Hi-Vis Signs and Safety stock standard danger tags and caution tags or Hi-Vis Signs and Safety can manufacture to the specific requirements.
  • Barrier Tapes: HVSHAZTAPE, Hunter Valley Signs offer printed safety barrier tapes to warn of hazards or dangerous areas. These are long lasting and resistant to many weather conditions and easy to wrap around poles or staple to timber manufactured from polyethylene material.
  • Reflective Tapes: Tapes are available in 2 colours, red/white, black/yellow or in 1 colour tape, white, red, yellow, blue, green. These are self-adhesive material either in Diamond Grade, Class 1 High Intensity or Class 2 Engineers Grade Materials.
  • Galvinised Posts: Galvinised Posts, Hunter Valley Signs are available a variety of post diameters and lengths to suit the requirements and applications.
  • Brackets: Hi-Vis Signs and Safety also stock different types of brackets for use on the signs they are available single sided or double sided whichever the application.

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