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Hi-Vis offers DG3 full-cube reflective sheeting for greater visibility at mine sites

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article image Fluorescent Diamond Grade reflective vinyls have been proven to out-perform similar reflective materials in harsh conditions such as mine sites

Hi-Vis Signs and Safety  presents a unique product for mine sites designed to allow maximum visibility round-the-clock at both long distances and short approaches with wider viewing angles.

3M Diamond Grade DG3 full-cube reflective sheeting utilises full-cube prismatic optics, a breakthrough development in optic technology to deliver better visibility performance with wider viewing angles and longer distance viewing compared to conventional cube-corner optics.

Mine Signage

DG3 full-cube reflective sheeting is extremely suitable for mine signage applications, with the reflective signage offering greater flexibility in sign placement. DG3 reflective material delivers maximum sign visibility from all angles to all haul road users.

Mine Safety

Road users on mine sites need to be able to identify and recognise other vehicles to maintain safety at all times. By marking all vehicles with 3M’s DG3 fluorescent yellow-green reflective material, these vehicles are visible day or night, thereby minimising accidents and optimising a safer environment for all mine employees and visitors.

The reflective material not only identifies the type of vehicle but also allows operators to be easily identified during shifts on the mine site through the highly visible number panels.

LED truck numbers

Hi-Vis can also custom build LED lighting into mine truck numbers so that oncoming or retreating trucks can be seen and identified from long distances.

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