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Hi-Vis applies for ISO 14001 certification of Environmental Policy

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Speciality signage and safety products provider, Hi-Vis Signs and Safety has applied for ISO 14001 Environment Management certification of their environmental initiatives.

Embracing superior environmental practice each and every day as part of the company’s management policy, Hi-Vis has established an Environmental Policy based on the belief that the environment is everybody’s responsibility.

Prevention of pollution and a proactive approach to environmental protection have been prioritised by Hi-Vis in the execution of all work performed on behalf of their clients.

Following a philosophy of reduce, reuse or recycle, Hi-Vis has implemented several Environmental and Cleaner Production initiatives:

Saving Water

Hi-Vis saves over 1500 litres of water every week by filtering, cleaning and recycling water from their screen printing area before discharging clean water back into the sewer system.

Saving Electricity

Hi-Vis uses LED lighting technology to minimise electricity usage and is now able to make this technology available to customers all over Australia.

Minimising Trade Waste Material

Hi-Vis recycles tonnes of aluminium, steel and plastics every week as material waste or unwanted or upgraded signage.

Minimising Aluminium

Hi-Vis uses a unique aluminium coil production system reducing waste off cuts from 12% to 2%.

General Waste

Hi-Vis recycles over 3 cubic metres of waste paper, cardboard and plastic every week.

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