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Multi-sensor shop floor CMM available from Hi-Tech Metrology

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Hi-Tech Metrology  have introduced into Australia the new Cordax Discovery III. This is the next advancement of the original shop floor CMM product line from Sheffield Measurement, a Hexagon Metrology brand.

Sheffield's original Cordax Discovery CMM created the concept of affordable automatic dimensional inspection at the point of manufacture on the shop floor and the Discovery III now offers higher accuracy, improved thermal performance, a new industrial design and expanded control options.

New probing options
With the addition of support for CMM-V and ScanShark probes, the Discovery III is now a multi-sensor shop floor CMM.

With the CMM-V high resolution camera, Discovery III is ideally suited for challenging applications that require shop-floor, non-contact vision measurement, including:

  • Medical implants and devices
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Aerospace components
  • Automotive stampings
  • Printed circuit boards and other computer components
  • Micro electronics
  • Print head cartridges
  • Die cut components
  • Aluminium, steel and plastic packaging and container
  • Photonics
  • Flexible rubber and plastic components

With indexable vision measurement, the Discovery III with CMM-V lets users inspect features contained in an entire field of view, at multiple probe angles and in difficult areas such as small features, holes, slots or edge positions.

Software controlled, integrated LED illumination allows image optimisation for each measurement and with the compatible automated changing rack, it is easy to switch from CMM-V to touch trigger or analogue scanning probes without changing setups.

The CMM-V works with PC-DMIS Vision, a version of powerful and widely used dimensional inspection software. The PC-DMIS Vision features easy point-and-click programming and, because it can link directly to 2D and 3D CAD models, it is suitable for the multi-sensor, shop-floor capability of the Discovery III with CMM-V.

The Discovery III D-28 with ScanShark makes shop-floor non-contact laser scanning a reality, providing reverse engineering, point cloud-to-CAD comparisons, and 3D visualisation and inspection.

The ScanShark will collect 23,000 points per second, up to 25 times more than other laser systems, and is ideal for difficult to measure surfaces.

Especially suitable for flexible, fragile, or soft-bodied parts susceptible to damage or deflection with a tactile probe it is less sensitive to surface finish variations and ambient lighting conditions than other non-contact technologies.

The PC-DMIS and PolyWorks advanced software works in concert to manage data collection and analysis. The PC-DMIS CAD++ enables scanning and digitising functions for fast and efficient measurement of complex three dimensional shapes.

The measured point clouds are then transferred into PolyWorks/Modeler to create accurate, smooth polygonal models and NURBS surfaces.

With optional racks, changing between the ScanShark, touch trigger probes, and analogue scanning probes is automatic.

And when combined with an automatic indexable head, Discovery III and ScanShark provide the optimum level of flexibility to shop-floor non-contact laser scanning.

The original Discovery created the increasing trend that has moved dimensional inspection out of the quality lab and onto the factory floor where results are needed fast.

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