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InnovMetric and Hi-Tech Metrology introduce PolyWorks V10 software platform

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InnovMetric Software Inc. and Hi-Tech Metrology, its Master Distributor in Australia and New-Zealand, have released a groundbreaking new version 10 of PolyWorks, its universal 3D metrology software platform for manufacturing.

InnovMetric has completely rebuilt the user interface of PolyWorks based on the new Xtreme interface platform. Xtreme not only allows the customisation of menus and toolbars, but also allows users to redefine the interface layout, including total control over window pane location, visibility, and docking constraints. Customised interface layouts can be saved to visual layout files and be switched in real time. Within minutes, PolyWorks customers can create simplified interface layouts to optimise their workflow, or configure PolyWorks for simple shop floor applications.

PolyWorks is the leading reverse engineering and point cloud processing software for manufacturing and industrial application with global usage in automotive, aerospace and tooling industry sectors. 

PolyWorks interfaces with all major hardware scanning and data collection devices, including FARO portable arms and laser line scanning systems, FARO Laser Trackers, terrestrial scanners, and other scanning technologies, including structured light scanning systems, hand-held scanning systems and photogrammetry measurement systems, etc.    

For the first time, InnovMetric is releasing PolyWorks on both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. The 64-bit version of PolyWorks will support an unlimited amount of data points. Based on the availability of 64-bit technology from its partners, some of the third-party plug-ins will be released within the following months.

With Version 10, InnovMetric also introduces a new flavour of its powerful inspection solution PolyWorks/Inspector for probing applications. The new PolyWorks/Inspector Probing will offer all PolyWorks capabilities for probing devices. By the same occasion, InnovMetric has revisited several major workflows of PolyWorks/Inspector to better support feature probing and inspection applications.

On the technical side, PolyWorks V10 offers several major new tools, such as:

A new version of its renowned polygonal meshing tool capable of running over a network of computers

A completely redesigned GD&T engine based on patented Smart GD&T technology licensed from Multi Metrics.

A new airfoil gauge, whose measurement algorithms surpass the performance of competitor software.

Completely redesigned polygon editing tools for filling holes, inserting curves in meshes, preparing equilateral meshes for simulation, and automatically extracting perfect feature curves.

An enhanced NURBS surface fitting tool that gets completely rid of ripples in polygonal surfaces for top-of-the-class rapid surfaces

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