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Fast and accurate CMM scanning

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article image Effectively measure form without sacrificing speed.

NOW available from Hi-Tech Metrology is the Sheffield FlexScan range of Endeavor and Discovery CMM's designed to give measurement data, faster and with more accurate results.

Since analogue scanning can capture hundreds of points per second, users can now effectively measure form as well as dimensions on a lab or shop floor CMM, without sacrificing speed.

With an automatic motorised indexing head accessing of features for scanning is now possible without expensive probe clusters, added to which the recent introduction of analogue scanning for Discovery II CMM's makes it more affordable.

Using a Sheffield FlexScan CMM and an analogue probe system, such as the Renishaw SP25M, allows combinations of scanning and touch trigger probing in the same part program with automatic changing of styli and modules for optimum flexibility and rapid cycle times.

FlexScan capability is fully integrated into Sheffield's inspection software allowing scanning of known features such as circles, lines, planes, ellipses etc. and complex unknown features.

Using Sheffield's Single Touch Interface module custom shop floor interfaces can be built to provide an easy to navigate set of menus for shop floor users.

In today's manufacturing environment speed and flexibility is key. Using a CMM instead of hand gauging tools means users can inspect parts with far more speed, precision and repeatability than hand methods.

Featured on Sheffield FlexScan machines is Renishaw's new SP25M scanning probe, an advanced scanning probe with compact dimensions and a "split personality". The scanning modules can be used for full-contact analogue scanning, then switched to the touch module which sports a TP20 module for fast touch probing.

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