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HEWLETT-Packard has announced the HP Jornado 560 series for ‘professionals on the go’ – the first digital device to rollout Microsoft Pocket PC 2002.

"HP envisions a world in which mobility radically transforms how consumers and business professionals operate and manage their daily lives," Peter Leihn, HP Australia's market development manager, peripherals and appliances, said.

"The HP Jornada 560 series lets users access critical business information, browse the internet, check email, communicate with personal digital devices, PCs and printers, and capture, share and edit digital images."

The 560 series has a metallic, light-weight design and a 16 bit colour reflective TFT liquid crystal display screen for vibrant real-time video-streaming and multimedia gaming, both indoors and outdoors.

It has a Compact Flash Type I extended slot for limitless amounts of removable storage and can be connected to third party wireless LAN cards and HP's pocket camera.

In a personal area network, Jornada users can get wireless connection via a Bluetooth Compact Flash card and through a GPRS/Bluetooth phone.

For LAN access, users connect wirelessly to the internet at hot-spots such as internet cafes and airport lounges, or to corporate databases in an office environment or any location that is wireless-enabled with 802.11b.

The device gives users on-screen indications of battery life and signal strength. It comes with HP Safe Store - an additional eight megabytes of FlashROM for backing up data, and features a removable lithium-polymer battery that lasts up to 14 hours.

With an Intel StrongARM 206MHz high-performance processor it gives quick access to information. Intel StrongARM offers MIPS per milliwatt performance while Intel StrataFlash provides memory density for next generation wireless internet devices such as Jornada from HP.

Microsoft's Pocket PC 2002 gives HP Jornada 560 series users applications suitable for both mobile professionals and enterprise customers including:

Pocket Outlook, Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, Pocket Internet Explorer, Terminal Services Client, MSN Messenger, Microsoft Reader 2.0, Microsoft Windows Media Player 8 for Pocket PC.

Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 features four ways users can enter text - letter recogniser, keyboard access for separately purchased keyboard, block recogniser, or transcriber.

With Pocket PC 2002, the HP Jornada 560 is equipped with:

· Strong passwords set for desired complexity and frequency.

· Anti-virus hooks that continuously scan for viruses in the system.

· Virtual private networks for faster and safer data connections.

· Universal beams to connect to mobiles, Pocket PC and Palm devices.

· FlashROM for software upgrades.

· Terminal services client for remote view of the server desktop.

· Connection manager settings for connection routing.

· Direct server access for synchronisation and connectivity.

· File explorer for access to network files and storage cards.

The HP Jornada 560 series lets users choose their own backgrounds, notifications, application settings and configurable connections.

Emails can be viewed in HTML for easy reading. There's also an email spell checker and editing of meeting responses so users can accept or decline meeting proposals with comments.

HP has also bundled a suite of software solutions including:

· Landware's OmniSolve - a business calculator.

· Developer One's CodeWallet Pro - secure and convenient organised personal and financial information.

· Certicom's MovianVPN - supports a range of popular VPN servers for secure remote access to corporate intranets.

· HP Chai and HP Microchai software - to develop and run Javabased applications.

The HP Jornada 560 series requires Windows 98 or 2000 using the provided USB cable and Windows 95 and NT using serial cable to synchronise data.

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