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High quality large format inkjet printer

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HEWLETT-Packard (HP) is making colour production a viable and cost-effective choice for the technical graphics market with the introduction of the HP Designjet 4500 printer series.

In addition, HP will also release the HP Designjet 500 plus printer series, a new member of the HP Designjet 500 printer series range of products, with more values at an affordable price point.

The HP Designjet 4500 printer series provide superior colour and mono quality prints at dashing speed with four times media input and output capacity which allow users to enjoy uninterrupted and integrated print, scan and copy functions for all technical applications.

This printer series meet the needs of technical production environments, including AEC, MCAD, GIS and reprographics.

The HP Designjet 4500 printer series delivers precision colour line and image quality while achieving fast print, copy and scan speeds.

Available as a printer with two media rolls and optional stacker, as a large format scanner, or as a fully featured print/scan/copy multifunction printer, the HP Designjet 4500 printer series features simultaneous processing and printing to shorten turnaround time and improve the production experience.

Unattended production enhances productivity

The HP Designjet 4500 printer series supports two media rolls of up to 574 feet (175 metres) each, as well as the ability to automatically switch between dual rolls for unattended output of as many as 200 plots.

The printer series also simplifies the user experience with:

* 0.2-inch (5 mm) margins that eliminate the need for trimming of CAD prints.

* New extra-large black ink cartridges that reduce replacement frequency.

* An optional stacker capable of flattening and stacking up to 200 plots.

* HP embedded web server, which enables remote printer management capabilities that provide current job preview, printer and supplies status reporting and alerts.

* Enhanced job accounting capabilities including AutoSend for remote usage reporting, facilitating pay-per-use contracts.

* Integration with third-party applications.

Reliably fast, predictably accurate

Equipped with HP Double Swath technology, the HP Designjet 4500 printer series doubles the number of nozzles by placing the printheads in a staggered formation that allows the printer to extend the actual print path, resulting in much faster print speeds.

Along with an enhanced HP Media portfolio and proven HP Professional Colour technologies, the HP Designjet 4500 printer series offers high quality printouts with predictable colours.

The series delivers up to 2400 x 1200 optimised dpi and plus/minus 0.1 percent line accuracy, which is optimal for users who need precise designs, plans and line drawings.

The HP Designjet 500 plus printer series is embedded with the HP-GL/2, a well-known printer language in the architectural and mechanical design industry.

This printer series also supports up to 5mm margin capability which allows users to print their CAD drawings without trimming; the perfect solution for manufacturing, AEC and GIS industries.

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