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Stairclimbers improve safety and productivity

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article image The Hercules stairclimber ensures employee safety while lifting large loads.

HERCULES Complete Lifting Solutions has the ideal product for when heavy loads have to be delivered up stairs.

Companies delivering heavy loads often have a double problem. The loads require more than one person to deliver them, yet the manual handling methods they employ still expose their employees to the risk of injury.

The Hercules stairclimber solves both problems because one person can now safely manage loads of up to 540kg, even if there are stairs involved.

These machines are made of tempered aluminium alloy and are constructed in a rigid and durable inter-locked box frame.

By adding a forklift attachment, the stairclimber becomes even more versatile as the machine can be used to load and unload directly from the delivery vehicle. The forklift attachment comes with either a hand winch or an electric winch.

The Hercules Stairclimber is the only stairclimber to have been certified by engineers at TechSource - a division of Workcover.

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