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Mechanised car parking solution

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article image Hercules’ car turntable (shown above ground).

HERCULES Carparking Systems provides mechanised car parking solutions that range from two car double stacking systems for residential use to multi-level lift-and-slide car parks for commercial car parking operations.

Many car parks have tight access that prevents multi-point turns to change the direction of the car. The solution to this problem is to use a turntable to rotate the car on its own axis.

Hercules can now deliver car turntables ranging from 3m in diameter up to 9m in diameter. The most common size for residential use is the 4.5m diameter turntable with a 3t capacity.

The key feature of the Hercules turntable is the pin-gear drive mechanism that ensures smooth, reliable operation with minimal wear and tear.

Most competitive turntables use a friction drive mechanism, which, as the name implies, is subject to more wear and tear and therefore more maintenance issues.

Hercules’ turntables are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and remote control operation is available if required.

The turntable deck can also be modified to accept pavers so the turntable blends in with the surrounding surface treatment.

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