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Heraeus offer an impressive range of high performance UV Curing Lamps and systems designed to deliver excellence in UV drying for UV coatings, varnishes printing inks, resins, adhesives and more. The impressive range also includes UV Disinfection Lamps for the disinfection of water, wastewater and effective air treatment.

UV Curing Lamps for drying UV coatings, UV varnishes and UV printing inks

  • Heraeus use state of the art UV curing lamp manufacturing technology to ensure maximum UV output and extended life spans
  • Replacement UV lamps are available to suit most UV systems with a custom design service for OEM requirements
Effectively disinfect water, wastewater and various surfaces
Heraeus manufactures a range of premium Germicidal, Amalgam and Ozone UV lamps for disinfection.
  • Thorough disinfection of water and wastewater as well as for air treatment and surface disinfection of silos and wine barrels
  • Heraeus also supplies a comprehensive range of electronic ballasts and quartz sleeves & thimbles
Leading technology in UV curing and drying processes
Heraeus provides standard UV LED system solutions for curing and drying processes.
  • NobleCure® is available with different power ranges and different wavelengths in the range between 365 and 405 nm
  • Standard systems are available in a 4 Watt and 8 Watt version
Specially engineered UV Curing Systems for demanding requirements
Heraeus supplies a specialised range of UV curing systems in various configurations to suit most applications.
  • Effectively cure resins, paints, adhesives and glues
  • The RU module is available in 450W & 900W with a range of filters to restrict wavelength output where required
The extensive range of UV Lamps and Curing systems from Heraeus Amba Australia provide the ideal solution to your UV Curing, Disinfection and Contamination control requirements. Heraeus Amba Australia information and contact details

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