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Long life amalgam lamps from Heraeus Amba Australia

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Heraeus Amba Australia  offers a range of long life high power amalgam lamps designed to deliver up to 10 times the UV power density of classic mercury low pressure lamps.

Offering extremely long life, the high power, low pressure amalgam lamps can be used even at high ambient temperatures of up to 90ºC and are insensitive to temperature fluctuations.

The unique coating on the amalgam lamps eliminates unwanted transmission loss of quartz glass associated with conventional UV lamps. The result is a virtually constant disinfection action over the total operating life of the lamp. Up to 90% of the UVC output power is delivered for up to 16,000 operating hours.

If the lamp tube is made of synthetic glass, VUV radiation is also emitted at a wavelength of 185 nm. This can be increased by a suitable combination of quartz material and lamp technology, so that the VUV output is five times that of a standard low pressure lamp with the same lamp dimensions.

Amalgam lamps offer up to ten times the UV power, higher operating temperatures (up to 90ºC) and a peak spectrum line of 254 nm, and are ozone-free. Amalgam lamps featuring a synthetic quartz glass tube are ozone generating with peak spectrum lines at 254 nm and 185 nm.

Key benefits of long life amalgam lamps:

  • High power and long life enable greater potential for savings in number of lamps, system components, energy consumption and servicing intervals
  • Significantly reduces the operating costs of disinfection systems
  • Energy-saving lamps generate only a small amount of heat
  • Can be used as a cost effective alternative to medium pressure lamps

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