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Heraeus UV lamps for disinfection available from Heraeus Amba Australia

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With high-energy Heraeus UV lamps, available form Heraeus Amba Australia , a subsidiary of Heraeus Noblelight GmbH, contaminated water, air and surfaces can be disinfected and cleaned safely. The use of chemicals can be either minimised or avoided altogether. This makes UV disinfection and oxidation a very economical and environmentally safe process that is used in more and more applications.

Heraeus Noblelight GmbH offer both replacement lamps and a custom-design service :-
Amalgam lamps: Longlife Amalgam UV lamps are high power, low pressure lamps and can be used even at higher ambient temperatures of up to 90°C. They are insensitive to temperature fluctuations. The unique Heraeus long-life coating ensures that they do not suffer the unwanted transmission loss of quartz glass associated with conventional UV lamps. The result is a virtually constant disinfection action over the total operating life of the lamp. And up to 90% of the UVC output power is delivered for up to 16,000 operating hours.

Medium pressure lamps: Heraeus medium pressure UV lamps offer strong UV radiation resulting in high penetration depth and efficient disinfection. This allows the design of compact UV disinfection plants. Their high UV intensity also makes them particularly suitable for photochemical processes.

Low pressure lamps: the entire range of UV lamps manufactured from high-quality quartz giving optimum UV transmission. With a lifetime of 9,000 hours, standard Heraeus low-pressure UV lamps are offered in both ozone and non-ozone producing versions. High output lamps also available.

Immersion lamps: These lamps are ready-to-use systems for water disinfection and can be installed in a fast and simple way. The immersion lamp consists of a UV low pressure lamp together with a starter, sealed into a water-tight protective quartz tube and fitted with a waterproofed lead. The lamps may be used directly in the water in either a vertical or horizontal position.

Disinfection modules for surfaces: BlueLight UV disinfection modules have been specially developed for the food industry. The equipment achieves an inactivation in germ rate of more than 99.9%. Modules are installed in filling equipment for milk products and drinks, for the disinfection of conveyor belts, transport containers and working surfaces or for the surface disinfection of foodstuffs.

Excimer systems: Compared with conventional UV emitters, excimer emitters offer properties which improve and expand the use of UV radiation in industry, preparative chemistry, biology and medicine. The monochromatic spectrum and the ability to select specific wavelengths allow photo-processes to be carried out in a much more focused manner. In addition there is no unwanted heating effect, as excimer UV emitters produce no infrared radiation in their spectrum.

UV lamps for photochemistry.

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