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Heraeus Noblelight GmbH design vacuum-UV lamp for Franke Foodservice Systems

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Heraeus Noblelight GmbH have developed a special vacuum-UV lamp (VUV) for Franke Foodservice Systems. This vacuum-UV lamp has been designed to match the conditions in Franke kitchen exhaust systems. Heraeus Amba Australia are a subsidiary of Heraeus Noblelight GmbH.

Franke Foodservice Systems offers a plug-in solution for kitchen hoods and this featured multiple standard UV lamps, each of 40-100 Watts in a quartz safety tube. In the next generation product, a single Heraeus VUV lamp will replace the multiple emitters.

Heraeus have based the technology and the design of their VUV lamps precisely to the requirements of the Franke Foodservice Systems hoods. The lamps have been matched to the environmental conditions, such as the dimensions, air throughput, and especially the high temperatures within the kitchen hood. As a result, the lamps represent a more compact system with the requirement of only one power supply. Around 10% of the electrical input power of 150 Watts is converted into VUV radiation at a wavelength of 185 nanometres, and the operating lifetime of these UV lamps is up to 12,000 hours.

Franke Foodservice Systems are also offering the new system as a retrofit option for existing kitchen hoods. The system consists of the VUV lamp in a chassis with a control box. Franke Foodservice Systems have tested the system for fire safety and has carried out the required safety tests.

Aerosol Treatment:
The use of grease and oils in the kitchen leads to deposits in kitchen exhaust hoods and exhaust systems generally. As a result, there is a danger of fire and ever-lingering smells. The physical method of UV radiation is an economical alternative to cost-intensive manual cleaning and frequent filter exchange.

By using special Heraeus UV lamps, ozone is generated from the oxygen in the environmental air within the kitchen hood. This is produced at the Vacuum/UV wavelength of 185 nanometres.

Organic substances such as greases and aromatics are continuously ‘cold combusted’ and broken down by the UV radiation and the ozone. The exhaust channel remains virtually grease-free, the danger of fire is significantly reduced and kitchen smells in the exhaust air are substantially lessened. Even at high air temperatures over a grill of up to 80ºC, the vacuum/UV lamps are effective. They are especially suitable for applications where food is fried or grilled with a lot of grease, such as in fast food restaurants.

The unique Heraeus Longlife internal coating of the lamp tubes ensures a long lamp operating life. This Heraeus Longlife coating is also transparent to the very short wave, ozone-generating UV radiation at a wavelength of 185 nanometres. In this wavelength sector too, the lamp operating life is significantly extended compared with conventional technology to up to 12,000 hours.

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