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Heraeus Amba Australia’s FiberLight: miniature UV deuterium lamp

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article image Heraeus Amba Australia’s FiberLight miniature UV light source

Heraeus Amba Australia’s  FiberLight, a compact and miniature UV deuterium lamp has been developed in response to customer needs for a small UV light source with negligible heat generation.

The FiberLight acts as a compact UV light source for the ultraviolet, visible and near infrared spectral range (from 200nm to 1100nm).

Composed of an electrode-less RF induced deuterium lamp or line source, the FiberLight newly developed by Heraeus, is at the moment the smallest deuterium lamp in the world.

FiberLight miniature UV lamps are available in four modules but all consists of:

  • lamp unit (deuterium and tungsten lamps in shine-through array or line source)
  • shutter
  • optical coupling with SMA fiber optic connection
  • optional version without optical fibre connector for direct illumination of the measurement cell
  • features are mounted on a circuit board and are externally controlled through TTL signals

Features of the FiberLight (note: specifications vary slightly per module):

  • light exit: SMA 905 or parallel beam direct to measurement cell. 
  • D2 lamp spectral output: 200 – 400nm or 185 – 400nm
  • tungsten lamp spectral output: 400 – 1100 nm
  • line source spectral output: mercury, neon, krypton, helium or xenon lines
  • power consumption: 6
  • dimensions: 157 (L) x 55 (W) x 37(H) mm

Operation of the Fiberlight miniature UV deuterium lamp:

  • operated with a 12Vdc/0.6A power supply and is especially suitable for fibre-coupled, portable spectrometers, which are independent of mains supply

Applications and uses for the the Fiberlight miniature UV deuterium lamp:

  • organic chemistry
  • pharmaceuticals
  • petrochemicals
  • agriculture
  • the environment and life science for on-site analysis and diagnosis
  • small instruments for on-line process analysis
  • modular miniature UV-spectrometers
  • handheld equipment for outdoor spectroscopy
  • water and wastewater analysis 
  • deep sea water analysis
  • sealed equipment for process control
  • measurements in the vacuum  
  • measurements under hype

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