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Heraeus Amba Australia launches infrared emitters for coil coating

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Coil coating is a modern coating process, which requires a highly developed drying technology. Infrared heat dries reliably, rapidly and effectively and provides a high quality lacquer coating.

Heraeus offers infrared emitters which help to optimize the application of energy. They offer savings in both time and space, said Russell Read of Heraeus Amba Australia, and, by shortening the coating process, capital- and production costs can also be reduced.

Coil coating, the strip coating process for sheet, has assumed great importance over the past few years. Pre-coated coil strip is processed in virtually every industrial sector, from car bonnets, loading surfaces, shelves, identification plates and facade parts to washing machines and toasters.

A fast but high quality drying of the coating is therefore essential, as the lacquering must be able to be worked satisfactorily during further processing of the coil.

In comparison with hot air drying, infrared radiation saves both time and space and, unlike induction drying, it is suitable for non-conductive materials. Infrared emitters save energy and offer a high degree of process safety, as they can be switched on and off rapidly and do not require long heat-up times.

Heraeus has developed various emitters to ensure optimal lacquer drying and heat from infrared radiation is applied directly into the material, without any transfer medium, and heating is significantly fast and efficient than with hot air, which is fed from outside. Infrared modules are fitted as complete dryers or as pre-heat stations before a circulation oven.

In both cases they help to save space and energy in coil coating. Infrared radiation penetrates into the material and dries the lacquer film from inside outwards. Skin- and blister formation on the surface is prevented and lacquer drying is speeded up. The result is a brilliant surface quality.

Powder lacquer is finding increasing application in coil coating, as there is need for only one coating pass. Gelling and curing of the powder takes place in one stage, while a coating with primer takes place before the actual lacquering.

Lacquer powder absorbs infrared radiation well and the powder heats up quickly. Rapid melting improves the lacquer quality and permits fast throughput speeds. 

Heraeus Amba Australia offers the complete range of infrared radiation, from near infrared NIR to medium wave carbon infrared emitters CIR and provides advice on the selection of the right emitter for particular processes.

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