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Faster drying of powder coatings

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article image Carbon infra-red emitters -- lengths up to three metres.

HERAEUS Amba’s carbon infra-red emitters (CIR), optimise the drying of powder coatings. Powder coatings are reliably cured with infra-red radiation.

The powder absorbs infra-red radiation extremely well, so it heats up very quickly.

Consequently, the gelling of the powder is significantly accelerated compared with conventional heating methods, such as warm air circulation ovens. A rapid melt improves the lacquer quality and increases throughput rates.

Metal bottle openers, for example, can be powder coated on a coating machine and the powder lacquer can be melted and cured using the new carbon twin emitters. The wavelength of the infra-red radiation has a significant effect on the drying. Water and many solvents evaporate very quickly when irradiated with medium wave infra-red radiation.

The reason for this is that medium wave radiation in water and solvents is converted directly into heat, which is not the case with near infra-red radiation.

Heraeus developed the carbon emitter for precisely this medium wave range. The carbon twin for the first time combines carbon technology with the proven quartz twin tube.

The emitters produce high radiation density and, through their greater stability, are available in emitter lengths up to 3m. Carbon twin tube emitters can also be retrofitted into existing infra-red systems.

Carbon twin tube emitters are suitable for the drying of paints and lacquers, and accelerate the drying process to reduce operating costs.

All carbon emitters combine effective medium wave radiation with high power intensity, to dry paints and lacquers faster. Special features of the emitters are their high efficiency and fast response times.

Infra-red radiation penetrates into the material and polymerises the lacquer film from the inside outwards, skin or blister formation on the surface is prevented and the curing of the lacquer is accelerated. The result is a brilliant surface quality.

Heraeus offers the complete range of infra-red from near infra-red to medium wave carbon technology CIR and can advise on the selection of the optimum emitter for specific processes.

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