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Carbon medium-wave heaters from Heraeus Amba Australia

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Infrared heaters transmit large amounts of energy in a short time and at high efficiency. The wavelength of the infrared radiation has a crucial effect on the effectiveness of the heating process.

Heraeus Amba Australia ’s infrared heating technology offers significant advantages: heat exactly where it is needed, with the optimum wavelength for the product and in line with the process, providing energy savings of up to 50%.

In the medium wave range, Heraeus offers tailor-made high stability twin tube emitters or CIR carbon round tube elements of especially high efficiency. New is the unique combination of both of these technologies, which allows important synergy effects.

Common to both types of element is the medium wave spectrum: many materials absorb infrared especially in this region of the spectrum.

High heating efficiency and rapid cool down make the medium wave CIR carbon emitter from Heraeus the only medium-wave heater to offer shortwave response times.

Suitable for all medium-wave applications, this emitter also offers the capability to match temperatures to the optimum absorption wavelength for each application. Together, these features eliminate overheating and contamination of sensitive substrates.

A particularly large portion of medium wave radiation is absorbed in water, solvents and plastics and converted into heat. This allows significant benefits: CIR carbon elements dry printing inks with less stress for the paper because the radiation acts intensively on the ink.

The high power increases print drying speed and reduces drying time. It is also perfect for the economical heating of plastics & glass in a targeted manner, with less heating of the surrounding environment.

Heraeus CIR round tube and twin tube carbon infrared emitters can be easily retrofitted into existing infrared systems. They replace the existing elements, improve the system and decrease the running costs. In addition, they offer the possibility of manufacture in a range of models and can be connected to conventional standard power supplies.

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