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CIR Emitters from Heraeus Dry Inkjet Inks Efficiently at Alito Colour Group

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article image CIR Emitters Dry Inkjet Inks Efficiently

Special lamps from Heraeus Amba Australia used to dry inkjet inks have helped a company achieve significant benefits in operational efficiency and energy savings.

Labels, forms, cards as well as lottery and raffle tickets are personalised by inkjet or laser printers. These inks must be completely dried or cured before the printed sheets are passed on for subsequent operations.

Depending on the type of ink used, UV or IR emitters are used for drying and curing, processes that require some amount of energy consumption.

Heraeus Noblelight specialises in producing emitters, which can be matched precisely to the properties of the relevant coating system or inks.

The Alito Color Group of Leyton, London achieved significant benefits by replacing their existing drier, which was fitted with near infrared (NIR) short wave emitters with a Heraeus Carbon Infra-Red (CIR) system.

Carbon infrared emitters from Heraeus Noblelight are especially efficient at drying inkjet inks.

CIR emitters from Heraeus employ medium wave infrared radiation, which the carbon emitters transfer into the inks at high power. Medium wave infrared radiation is absorbed extremely well by water-based inks. Carbon emitters combine high power and fast response times with the effective medium wavelengths.

Two carbon infra-red emitters were fitted into the existing drier frame at Alito. Each 24kW module matches a special 4¼ inch print head.

Key benefits:

  • Realises the complete capability of high speed print heads for superior print quality
  • New IR emitters require less energy than before and have a significantly longer operating life
  • Enhanced energy efficiency  

UV LEDs: Small, flexible and energy-saving

In digital printing applications where the lamp, together with the print head moves over the surface of the print, every little saving in weight and size is significant.

UV-LEDs with their extremely small shape allow greater flexibility in styling. UV-LEDs from Heraeus Noblelight, for instance are customised and matched to the machine environment according to unique customer specifications.

Key benefits of UV-LEDs

  • LED special light sources help in energy savings
  • Energy is consumed only on demand without impairment of LED performance
  • LED technology is a robust, solid and resilient technology
  • LED chips are processed in chip-on-board technology and measured as well as tested in the in-house, accredited measurement laboratory
  • Customer-specific system solutions can be assembled and offered to meet special requirements

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