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Riveting machines available from Henrob

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With the skill shortage that is occurring in many industries at the moment,  Henrob’s self-pierce riveting machines offer managers technology that requires little training for maximum results.

Brisbane-based Henrob , helps managers get the maximum from their workforce, whether their staff have formal training or not.

With Henrob self-pierce rivetings HSPR, the operator does not need extensive training.

According to Henrob, however, because the results customers get from using HSPR do not change from one operator to another, they can rely on joints that are repeatable.

Henrob’s self-pierce rivets can join a range of products such as steel, aluminium or plastics which makes them ideal for applications that are difficult or slow to fasten or require skills such as welding.

According to Henrob, HSPR as a fastening process takes out the margin for human error and allows managers and workers to feel confident that with so little training they can really be getting it right everytime. The ease of use for this technology increases productivity as labour is reduced.

According to Hills Industries, the company has seen significant benefits of using the self-pierce technology from Henrob.

Hills Industries have had it for about 6 years, and found that their staffs require little training to use it effectively and it is easy to operate.

Because the process makes the holes for Hills, it cuts labour time in half and it is labour that can be done by any worker.

According to Henrob, this presents both cost and time saving benefits for workplaces and means that managers have the option to use a labour force that might not have extensive training but can still do a good job.

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