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Henrob’s self-piercing rivets provide strong attachment to saving water

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“It’s impossible to ignore the fact that we’re in the middle of a drought,” says Henrob’s Stuart Blacket.

“And even though legislation and water restrictions may vary from state to state and city to city, it’s likely that most homeowners are thinking about ways they can start to save water in their own backyard, so to speak.” 

Brisbane based company Henrob , points out that the steel rainwater tank is an essential element in saving water and ensuring that homes meet the new water saving targets set by governments Australia-wide.

Blacket continues: “Henrob wants to be right there to help - supplying the products that consumers need.” 

Henrob’s self-piercing rivets are a durable, robust fastening solution that helps companies who wish to manufacture steel rainwater tanks.

Henrob ensures a fast and consistent riveting process that requires very little physical labour.

Consequently, the product presents cost and time saving benefits for companies who find that demand for rainwater tanks is constantly growing.

Russell Morrison, from Metroll Toowoomba, says that they have become “exceptionally busy” with tanks—and having two Henrob riveters in their workshop really makes a difference.

“We’ve been using the self-piercing riveters for about eight or nine years now, and I would definitely not go back to self-drilling screws,” he says.

“If the operator does his job right, you end up with a really clean-looking, streamlined tank. The self-drilling screws just never looked as good.

“Plus, they are just so much easier to use. It’s a one stop operation to get the rivet into the tank. “And in light of the resurgence of tanks,” says Stuart, “Henrob is actively looking for ways to improve our product to make the existing machine even easier and more efficient to use.“

Henrob finds ways to semi-automate the process to improve the repeatability of the finished product to allow for a more accurate placing of rivets to speed up the process.

With the emphasis on contributing to water-saving solutions, Henrob is making a real difference to both the environment and the industry.

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