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Range of helmets available from Helmet Integrated Systems Design

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Police and security make use of the helmet to protect their head, eye, face and neck while doing their respective duties. Argus 017T is the series offered by Helmet Integrated Systems Design for the usage of police and security forces. The Argus 017NT riot helmet carries a third party approval to the NIJ Standard 0104-02.

The Cromwell F510 Ambulance helmet which is widely used for emergency medical services constitutes a narrow brim, high energy absorbing liner and a face shield.

Firefighters mainly make use of the Cromwell F500, F600, and the ECHO. Cromwell helmet systems are preferred with regard to their protection standards, comfort and cost effectiveness. Cromwell ECHO has an incorporated radio. A hand held radio and fist mike are also contained in the system.

Helmet Integrated Systems Design also provides a wide range of helmets which are used in industries including the Purelite Air Visor, Pureflo powered respiratory helmets. These helmets eliminate the need for separate helmets, safety spectacles, face shields and respirator masks.

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