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Noise control consulting services for the mining industry, from Heggies

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article image Noise control consulting services for the mining industry

Engineering, environmental and acoustical consultants, Heggies , have long been involved the in mining and quarrying industries, offering a range of noise control consulting services, including noise assessments and noise control retro-fitting advice to enable compliance with revised environmental objectives.

Heggies have a practical understanding of noise constraints on mining and quarrying facilities, and are familiar with the engineering practicalities and the direct and indirect costs associated with implementation of physical vibration and noise control measures.

Heggies noise control consulting services for mining and quarrying projects include, but are not limited to:

  • environmental impact assessment and control
  • operational noise predictions, colour contour 3D noise modelling
  • operational noise mitigation, silencer design, attenuators, enclosures, etc
  • construction noise predictions and mitigation
  • construction and operational environmental management plans
  • community liaison, regulatory authority meetings, expert testimony; and 
  • REF, EES, EIA, EIS, compliance studies.
It is typical of the equipment and activities on construction and demolition sites to emit high levels of noise and vibration. There are techniques and monitoring programmes that can bring significant noise control benefits, however it is equally important to ensure the community is kept informed and consulted with in an effective manner.

As part of their noise control consulting services, Heggies can assist with ensuring the best actions are taken when implementing a noise control plan. Assitance is offered with:

  • noise and vibration impact assessments
  • demolition, excavation and construction site noise and vibration monitoring
  • comprehensive environmental management of the site, including asbestos, air quality, soil and water contamination services
  • management plans and monitoring programmes
  • building inspections and building condition (dilapidation) surveys
  • design of mitigation and management measures.

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