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Industrial developments typically generate significant levels of environmental noise, and now that industrial and residential areas are being located in much closer proximity to eachother, it is becoming increasingly important to implement noise control measures.

In order to implement an industrial noise control plan it is essential to examine the potential environmental noise impacts associated with the industrial development during the planning stage, which is where Heggies industrial noise related services can help.

Heggies can help identify the potential noise impacts an industrial development will have and provide advice on noise control measures available for consideration. Frequently it is necessary to address industrial noise after the development has begun, where operational noise exceeds what was planned for, or where changes to the operation are proposed, or made. Heggies are  able to carry out industrial noise assessments in this instance also.

Environmental noise emissions are frequently computed using sophisticated computer noise modelling software, which takes into account a range of factors, such as:

  • ground topography
  • acoustical shielding from intervening topography or structures
  • sound emission levels of equipment and their frequency content
  • height and location of noise sources and receivers
  • ground and air absorption
  • meteorological effects.
Additional industrial noise related services provided by Heggies include, but are not limited to:
  • carrying out sound pressure and/or noise intensity measurements of equipment within an existing development in order to model potential noise emissions
  • using noise modelling to rank major noise sources and identify noise control requirements
  • assisting in the preparation of noise management plans for progressive noise reduction
  • identification and design of practical and cost-effective noise control measures, such as acoustic enclosures, and perimeter noise walls.

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