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Heggies conducts air quality testing and impact assessment on rock crushers on Norfolk Island

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article image Air quality testing was conducted on two Norfolk Island rock crushers

Air quality testing was recently carried out by Heggies on two rock crushing operations on Norfolk Island. The assessment was commissioned by the Administration of Norfolk Island, and had three main objectives.

These objectives were to:

  • develop an industry specific Norfolk Island standard for air quality compliance
  • determine the air quality impacts as a result of crushing activities upon the nearest residential receivers; and
  • identify a compliance monitoring procedure for the Norfolk Administration.
Heggies used Dust Deposition Gauges and a Real Time TSI DustTrack to carry out the air quality testing, determining dust deposition rates and ambient particulate concentrations both before and during crushing activities.

The tests were conducted at a number of residential receivers nearest to the site.

Once the air quality testing assessment was completed, Heggies recommended the introduction of an island-specific ambient particulate criterion for PM10 and depositional criterion for dust.

These criteria would, Heggies advised, effectively regulate crushing activities, ensuring no detrimental impact at residential receivers.

Heggies personnel provided administration staff with comprehensive training to enable them to conduct on-going air quality testing on the island. This was to ensure continuing legislative compliance.

In addition, personnel were also available to represent the Norfolk Island Administration in a court case that required the presentation of the findings of the assessment conducted on the island.

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