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Shrinkwrap packaging solutions

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article image Heatshrink Australia can advise on the best shrinkwrapping solution.

HEATSHRINK Australia knows that packaging has always been an important element in the marketing of any product.

It is an initial stimulus to the client and helps attract the client to the product.

Manufacturers eagerly try to gain customers' favour and win a place on retail shelves or displays, where they can influence buying behaviour.

Many products owe their success in the market place to good presentation.

Wrapped products including jigsaw puzzles, CDs, software packages etc, are enhanced by their packaging.

The high gloss and low haze of certain shrink films improve the aesthetic appeal of the packed items, for example, posters, prints and printed boxes.

The high strength of the shrink film allows deep draw and tight conformity to the article being packaged. Promotional products or 'piggy back' arrangements can be attached in a very attractive and convenient way.

Packaging must also protect the product against external influences in a variety of environments and during its long journey from manufacturer to distributor to consumer.

These benefits are available to everyone. No business is too large or too small to produce a pack that looks good and will sell.

The decision about which shrink film and packaging method is best can only be answered by a careful assessment of needs, volume and budget.

Heatshrink has vast experience in shrinkwrapping to enhance a product's consumer appeal, production methods and marketing plans.

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