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Heat and Control showcases new range of food manufacturing machines at Snackex 2015
06.05.2015 - Heat and Control will be presenting a range of food manufacturing machines at the upcoming Snackex 2015 this June in Istanbul.
Heat and Control releases new browning oven
06.05.2015 - Heat and Control introduces the CEO Colour Enhancing Oven, a new spiral oven that combines controlled browning of both sides of products.
New WeighBack for clean, accurate weigh convey applications
05.05.2015 - Heat and Control presents the WeighBack, a new range of horizontal motion continuous weighing conveyors by FastBack.
Heat and Control releases new modular dust control units for hazardous dust
07.03.2014 - Heat and Control introduces a new range of dust collection systems designed for greater efficiency in performance, cost and energy usage.
New batter coated French fry system speeds up food production
01.08.2013 - Heat and Control introduces the latest range of batter-coated French fry frying systems.
Urschel opens two new facilities
31.07.2013 - Urschel has opened a new office in Madrid, Spain, the 11th international branch to open in Europe.
Urschel win international food processing award at IFFA meat trade fair
30.07.2013 - Urschel has won the Outstanding Innovation in Cutting Technology award at the IFFA international trade fair for processing, packaging, and sales in the meat processing industr
Micron-Pro cooking oil filters from Heat and Control
28.05.2013 - Micron-Pro cooking oil filters, available from Heat and Control have delivered significant oil savings within the first year at plants producing meatballs, potato chips, batter-breaded foods, and other products.
Heat and Control adds Spray Dynamics to portfolio
03.04.2012 - Heat and Control now offers the comprehensive Spray Dynamics range of coating and seasoning applicators to Australian and New Zealand food manufacturers.
MasterTherm batch fryers now available from Heat and Control
08.02.2012 - Heat and Control has introduced new MasterTherm batch fryers that are capable of producing 500 pounds of finished, batch fried potato chips in almost any style per hour.
New FPS multi-coating applicators from Heat and Control reduce unplanned downtime
16.11.2011 - Heat and Control presents a new range of multi-coating applicators designed to reduce unplanned downtime and uniformly apply coatings.
Flavorite Technologies acquired by Heat and Control
27.07.2011 - A leading supplier of processing and packaging machinery to the global food processing industry, Heat and Control has acquired the India-based Flavorite Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Heat and Control offers MPO-D2 convection ovens for high capacity production
14.07.2011 - MPO-D2 convection ovens are designed to deliver high production capacities and high finished yields, and are now available from Heat and Control.
MasterTherm thermal fluid heated fryers from Heat and Control ensure uniform cooking
16.05.2011 - MasterTherm thermal fluid heated fryers from Heat and Control feature a unique U-tube heat exchanger that heats cooking oil for consistently uniform colour and texture of products.
Rotary Can Fillers from Heat and Control
25.11.2010 - The Rotary Can Fillers from Heat and Control offer precise, continuous motion and filling of dry free-flowing products into cans, jars and canisters.
Ishida TSC-RS High Performance In-Line Seal Checkers from Heat and Control
24.11.2010 - The Ishida TSC-RS High Performance In-Line Seal Checkers from Heat and Control provide gentle bag handling, accurate leak detection and user-friendly operation.
SwitchBack Accumulation Conveyors from Heat and Control
19.10.2010 - SwitchBack Accumulation Conveyors from Heat and Control offer in-line accumulation of delicate snacks, frozen meats, poultry and other foods.
Customized vibratory conveyors from Heat and Control
18.10.2010 - Customized vibratory conveyors from Heat and Control are purpose designed for the food industry.
FastBack Seasoning Systems from Heat and Control
17.10.2010 - With their advanced area control technology, FastBack Seasoning Systems from Heat and Control use less seasoning for more uniform coverage.
FastBack Blending Systems from Heat and Control
16.10.2010 - FastBack Blending Systems from Heat and Control mix and convey multiple ingredients with an accuracy better than 1.5% per constituent, depending on the product.
Universal Potato Chip System from Heat and Control
17.05.2010 - One Universal Potato Chip System produces almost unlimited styles of chips at the same capacity as multiple batch fryers.
Heat and Control weigh wrappers used for new butcher store
16.04.2010 - Ishida WM-4000 weigh wrappers from Heat and Control used in butcher store.
New Ishida tray sealing systems from Heat and Control
12.02.2010 - Ishida tray packaging systems are now available from Heat and Control in Australia and New Zealand.
Heat and Control recieve Tom Burns Award at 2009 Premier of QLD's Export Awards
09.11.2009 - Heat and Control received the Tom Burns Award and was named finalist in the Large Advanced Manufacturer category at the 2009 Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards held in October.
Heat and Control wins QLD Export Award for Japanese market
14.10.2009 - Heat and Control has been announced as winner of the Large Manufacturer category of the 2009 Queensland Japan Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc (QJCCI) Export Excellence Awards.
Urschel now offers a 3 pice deep lattice knife
30.09.2009 - Urschel Laboratories now offers a three-piece deep lattice knife set-up made specifically for the Urschel Model CCL Lattice Slicer.
Heat and Control in Shanghai for Propak China 09
07.07.2009 - Heat and Control will showcase the Fastback distribution system in Shanghai for Propak China 2009 from 15th to 17th July.
Meet the new Translicer 2510 cutter: Updated for modern food industry demands
30.06.2009 - The new TranSlicer 2510 Cutter combines the production-proven features of the 2500 plus some upgrades.
Heat and Control to showcase packaging and processing products at Auspack 2009
19.05.2009 - Auspack will be Heat and Control’s biggest show on the Australian calendar for 2009. Auspack is Australia's International exhibition of packaging and processing machinery, materials and associated tec
DiversaCut 2110 Dicer cutting machine available from Heat and Control
18.05.2009 - The DiversaCut 2110 Dicer, available from Heat and Control, is manufactured by Urschel Laboratories. The DiversaCut 2110 Dicer cutting machine offers a high capacity while taking up minimal floor space.
Airforce impingement oven available from Heat and Control
04.05.2009 - The Airforce impingement oven, available from Heat and Control, delivers an increase in output and superior quality through a unique process which enables rapid precise cooking plus preservation of flavour and moisture in cooked meat, poultry, seafoo
Heat and Control automatic heated centrifuge reduces oil content in fried potato chips
01.05.2009 - Heat and centrifugal force remove oil from batch fried potato chips with Heat and Control’s automatic heated centrifuge. Depending on the potatoes’ specific gravity, oil content in chips can be reduced to less than 22%.
FastBack sizing and separating conveyors available from Heat and Control
30.04.2009 - FastBack sizing and separating conveyor, available from Heat and Control, conveys and sorts products by size, or removes unwanted product particles.
Heat and Control to showcase Ishida UNI 7 range of retail scales at Auspack 09
29.04.2009 - New in Australia from Ishida and available from Heat and Control, the UNI 7 range of retail scales is made for the fast paced retail environment.
AirSweep water removal systems available from Heat and Control
28.04.2009 - Drier, cleaner product requires less energy to fry or freeze. Heat and Control's AirSweep water removal system combines vacuum and blow-off forces to remove surface water and residue from potato slice
Mastermatic compact fryers available from Heat and Control
25.03.2009 - The Mastermatic compact fryer, available from Heat and Control, is suitable for catering or food service and can fry a variety of food products including breaded/crumbed chicken, beef and fish pieces, french fries, hash browns, meatballs and patties,
Comitrol Processor Model 1700 milling machine for high pulp and puree yield available from Heat and Control
06.03.2009 - By offering a wide variety of interchangeable cutting head styles and impellers, the Comitrol Processor Model 1700 milling machine produces slices, flakes, shreds, viscous slurries or purees from a myriad of fruit and vegetable products.
Metal detecting checkweighers available from Heat and Control
23.01.2009 - A Ceia metal detector integrated with an Ishida checkweigher provides superior product inspection in a compact, easy to clean design. The Ceia metal detector is available from Heat and Control.
Ishida WPL-5000 series available from Heat and Control
03.11.2008 - WPL-5000 series, a high speed weigh price labeller, from Ishida is available from Heat and Control. The WPL 5000 series is an upgrade from the WPL-3000 series. It is a compact machine, suitable for high speed lines of a variety of food products from
Heat and Control introduces new ultra compact conveyor
09.11.2006 - New ultra compact conveyor, FastBack 50E, has been launched by Heat and Control to transfer products from FastBack 200A distribution conveyors to high-speed multihead weighers.  
Conveyor with a tubular pan from Heat and Control
26.09.2006 - Conventional conveyors for powders, bulk solids and dusty products are difficult to maintain and clean.
MPO-D2TM convection oven
26.09.2006 - The MPO-D2TM convection oven is available from Heat and Control.
Heat and Control offers new FastBack Revolution Seasoning Systems
15.09.2006 - Dust control hoods on FastBack Revolution Seasoning Systems at Golden Flake Snack Foods, USA are providing an effective solution to problems caused by airborne dust
Heat and Control introduces new Tortilla Toaster Oven
01.09.2006 - Heat and Control's new Tortilla Toaster Oven maintains true conveyor belt tracking and provides precise toasting and baking control for restaurant style and standard tortilla chips and tortillas.
Heat and Control introduces new MPO-D Series oven
01.09.2006 - For formulation development and test cooking of meat and poultry products which do not require colour development, Heat and Control's Pilot MPO-D Series convection oven offers accurate control of cooking time, temperature and moisture content.
Heat exchanger incinerates fryer exhaust pollutants
21.07.2006 - COMBINING oil heating and pollution control, Heat and Control Pty Ltd's patented KleenHeat pollution control heat exchanger surpasses simple afterburner technology. Fryer exhaust is drawn into KleenHeat's combustion chamber and mixed with the product
New sheeter controls product piece weight
20.07.2006 - NO manual adjustment is needed to produce consistently uniform corn tortillas and chips with Heat and Control Pty Ltd's new Paragon Automatic Weight Control Sheeter equipped with optional Automatic Weight Control.
Mastermatic Batch Fryer
20.07.2006 - IF a heavy-duty fryer for the high-volume production of nuts, snacks and other foods is required, then Mastermatic Batch Fryers are the only option, according to Heat and Control. Mastermatic Batch Fryers are available in sizes that will produce 600
Indirect-Heated Fryer Systems
20.07.2006 - ACCORDING to Heat and Control Pty Ltd, there is no easier or more efficient fryer system than the Indirect-Heated Fryer system. It provides precise temperature control and low oil volume to deliver consistent product quality and low operating costs.
Heat and Control Mastermatic Canister Filter
20.07.2006 - ECONOMICALLY efficient, Heat and Control's Mastermatic Canister Filter for continuous fines removal for batch and continuous fryers is an innovative and inventive machine that will improve any production process, says Heat and Control.
Turboflo Spiral Freezer
19.07.2006 - DESIGNED for durability, the Turboflo Spiral Freezer is a modern, reliable and robust construction that will cater for any freezer requirements, says Heat and Control. Depending on the particular product, the Turboflo Spiral Freezer freezes with a we
New versatile dicer, strip cutter, shredder
19.07.2006 - THE new patented two-dimensional cutter, Urschel Model M6, is a versatile machine designed for dicing, strip cutting, or shredding a variety of products through a wide range of sizes from product of a predetermined thickness.
Batter and breader applicators
19.07.2006 - OFFERING versatility and durability, the new EasyCoat Batter and Breading System from Heat and Control offers a functionality which will appeal to processors who operate multi-function process lines and require quick changeover times for short to med
Low-priced Ishida weigher includes tech support
18.07.2006 - ISHIDA has released a low-price alternative to entry-level and used multihead weighers. The new SE-series weighers deliver unbeatable Ishida accuracy and reliability at an affordable price and are backed by complete single-source technical support.
Latest innovation in horizontal flow wrapping
17.07.2006 - THE new GDV Super Electron flow from DIZMA is the latest in the GDV range of horizontal packaging machines featuring self-supporting cantilevered framework and ergonomic design. GDV Super Electron is particularly suited for packaging food, confection
Batter up with high quality French fries
17.07.2006 - Large fast food restaurant chains are introducing new high quality French fries that have been specifically developed to maintain their crispness over a prolonged period of time. This latest development in the frozen French fry industry utilises star
Microwave oven uniformly heats potato products
14.07.2006 - For drying, preheating and cooking of potato products, Heat and Control / AMTek microwave ovens provide reliable operation, easy cleaning and reduced energy usage. Rotating antennas evenly distribute
Multi-zone fryer cooks more uniform potato chips
14.07.2006 - Heat and Control's Multi-Zone Fryer system promises to produce potato chips with a lighter, more uniform colour. Oil is introduced and removed at multiple points along the length of the fryer pan to provide accurate control of oil temperature and pro
New horizontal bends for Sidewall Return Drag Conveyors
14.07.2006 - SYDNEY Manufacturing Company Heat and Conotrol Pty Ltd changed the face of bulk material conveying in 1997 when the company introduced its Sidewall Return Drag Conveyor system. With its unique captive paddle design, bulk materials could now be convey
Automatic packaging machine
11.07.2006 - The Enflex F14 is a horizontal automatic packaging machine for shaping, filing and sealing sachets. It is designed for the economical packaging of products in powder, granule, liquid, paste and other forms into sachets of three or four seals.
Potato slice injection blancher
26.06.2006 - HEAT and Control's injection blancher forces hot water through the bottom of the potato slice pack for uniform blanching and improved fryer performance. Using similar technology to that found in the company's french fryer fryers and nut roasters, the
Oil curtains provide cleaner frying in HeatWave fryer
20.06.2006 - HEAT and Control Pty Ltd’s HeatWave frying system cooks with curtains of oil for the highest product quality product and lowest system oil volume of any continuous fryer. Freshly filtered and heated oil enters HeatWave in multiple, gently flowing cur
Pizza topping former features adjustable nugget sizes
19.06.2006 - Heat and Control's Nugget Former continuously forms naturally shaped meat and poultry nuggets for pizza toppings. Fed by a meat pump or stuffer, the Nugget Former manifold mounts over the infeed conveyor of any oven and evenly distributes nuggets acr
Mastermatic prepared foods fryer
19.06.2006 - Adding precision, quality and versatility to the production process, Mastermatic Prepared Foods Fryers provide automated continuous frying for a variety of prepared food products! Precise frying control is available as Mastermatic Prepared Foods Frye
Bagel cookers deliver consistent product, clean operation
19.06.2006 - Available in models to produce from 6,000 to 66,000 bagels per hour, Heat and Control bagel cookers deliver consistent product and clean, reliable operation. Cookers are continuously self-cleaning wi
Efficient automated continuous frying
19.06.2006 - Heat and Control's Mastermatic Snack Food Fryer provides effective and efficient automated continuous frying for a range of snack food products! Temperature and conveyor speed can be accurately controlled to produce uniform products.
The product distribution revolution
15.06.2006 - According to Heat and Control , increase the output and efficiency of your processing and packaging lines using FastBack(r) conveyors equipped with Heat and Control's patented new Revolution(tm) Proportional Gate.
Batch fryer
07.06.2006 - THE Batch Fryer consistently produces perfect kettle style potato chips, according to Heat and Control Pty Ltd. With no heat transfer tubes immersed in the oil, the unique under-pan fired design allows cooking with as little as 4" of oil depth.
Mastermatic Nut Roasting System
06.06.2006 - THE world's prominent nut processors rely on Mastermatic Nut Roasting Systems to reliably provide a high quality product, according to Heat and Control Pty Ltd. This one turnkey system continuously processes every variety of nut meat.
Promotional inserter - US301 ProMaster Elite
15.05.2006 - THE US301 ProMaster Elite is a promotional inserter that places a promotion into a product, thereby advertising the product. The promotional inserter puts coupons, pouches or 3D objects into a product automatically.
Berndorf specialised belts for the wood industry
15.05.2006 - BERNDORF Band specialises in the manufacture of high-grade process belts used in the production of particle boards, MDF and OSB, laminates and MFC. Berndorf belts are available from Heat and Control Pty Ltd.
Modular lines optimise snack packaging
12.05.2006 - HEAT and Control offers the world's first fully integrated snack packaging systems backed by a single international parts, service, and training organisation.
KBF-7000 series horizontal flow wrappers
04.05.2006 - Designed for improved durability, performance and reliability the KBF-7000 Series is a new generation of horizontal form fill seal packaging machines.
High performance x-ray technology
02.05.2006 - HAVING all the advantages of Dyxim X-ray technology, the Dyxim S series from Dylog guarantees high performance levels at extremely low costs.
Top view container X-ray inspection
01.05.2006 - DETECTION of small contaminants on the bottom area of the container can benefit from a major improvement thanks to the performances of the Dyxim T (Top View) x-ray machine.
Recognising a need in the food industry
28.04.2006 - A recent manufacturer’s design challenge was to create a high capacity cutter that could accept up to a 10" (254mm) maximum infeed product, have the ability to produce small to intermediate dices and take up a small amount of production floor space w
Glass detection x-ray unit
28.04.2006 - THE Dyxim S Compact inspection unit available from Heat and Control, sets Dylog x-ray technology a step ahead in glass detection for the food and the pharmaceutical industries.
Economical horizontal wrapping machine
28.04.2006 - THE Econo Servo Wrapper KBF-371 available from Heat and Control is an efficient and economical horizontal wrapping machine. Featuring a servo motor drive system, power is transmitted smoothly over the film feed roller, pinch roller and back seal roll
Fully automatic pre-formed tray sealing machine
27.04.2006 - DESIGNED for fast, flexible and reliable packaging, Twin is an automatic sealing machine from RotoPack SRL that will enhance the packaging process. Twin is an advanced automatic sealing machine for pre-formed trays featuring both vacuum and modified
Flat bed x-ray inspection system
27.04.2006 - DYLOG, a leading manufacturer of automatic X-ray based rigid container inspection systems for the food industry, provides a full range of x-ray equipment to cover any type of food packaging, including flexible packages and bulk product.
Extra compact x-ray
24.04.2006 - DYLOG’S DYXIM FB XC x-ray is the latest, extra compact version of the DYXIM FB series, which is becoming a major technology product of the most extensive range of x-ray based inspection equipment for end of line contaminant detection in the food indu
THS/G Metal Detector
13.04.2006 - HEAT and Control’s THS/G Metal Detector is designed as an effective and efficient metal detector for free-falling product applications. The THS/G Metal Detector provides assistance in the Quality Assurance procedure. It inspects bulk powder, granules
Pharmaceutical metal detector
13.04.2006 - THE new THS/PH Metal Detector provides accuracy and convenience to the pharmaceutical industry in the inspection of their products for contaminants. Audio and visual alarms are an integral part of this product, so users are aware if something is dete
Hygienic belts for the meat industry
12.04.2006 - UNI-chain's new X-MPB belt is the durable, economical and hygienic option for the meat industry. Designed for durability, the X-MPB has a range of applications to suit any requirements. It is available from Heat and Control.
High traction conveyor
11.04.2006 - THE uni XLB K318, available from Heat and Control, is ideal for skid conveyors. Skid systems provide a steady material flow of various automotive parts through the full manufacturing process. The problems associated with old skid systems that employ
Steel transport belts
10.04.2006 - WHEN conveyed items must not undergo physical or chemical changes during transport, steel is often the only suitable option for a transport belt. Berndorf steel transport belts are unrivalled in terms of quality range and applications.
Snap-link plastic modular conveyor belt
10.04.2006 - THE M-PNB M1 Snap Link is a revolution in plastic modular belt design that improves conveyor performance and reduces operating costs. The Snap Link is a mesh belt for conveying light items and its level underside and smooth running make it useful for
Bread and pastry conveyor belt
07.04.2006 - WHEN it comes to the baking of bread and pastries, every single Berndorf belt is especially made to match the clients' specifications as to the material's quality, dimensions, surface conditions and desired tolerances.
State-of-the-art checkweigher
04.04.2006 - THE DACS-W-180 is a new state-of-the-art checkweigher that combines versatility and flexibility with greater accuracy and higher speed. Products up to 18kg can achieve a maximum speed of 84 packs per minute.
Faster and simpler multihead weigher
31.03.2006 - ISHIDA's new CCW-R multihead weigher combines high-tech advancements with unique and user-friendly operator controls to maximise the performance of your packaging line.
Checkweigh up to 600ppm
31.03.2006 - THE new Ishida DACS-Z checkweigher from Heat and Control delivers the speed, accuracy and system controls that meet all of your high-performance checkweighing goals.
Promotional inserter machine
28.03.2006 - THE US255 ProMaster is a promotional inserter that places a promotion into a product, thereby advertising the product. The promotional inserter places coupons, pouches or 2D objects into the product automatically. This technique is accurate, economic
Transportable tray sealing machine
24.03.2006 - ROTOPACK SRL’S "SR" series of tray sealers provide the flexibility and durability required to get the job done. Available from Heat and Control Pty Ltd, the machines are built with aluminium extruded
Vertical form fill seal machine
24.03.2006 - THE KBF-6000 Series two lane vertical form fill seal machine is suitable for every type of food including snack foods, confectionary, frozen foods and fresh foods. Available from Heat and Control Pty
Semi-automatic sealing machine for trays
27.02.2006 - RAPIDA is a semi-automatic sealing machine for preformed trays built by Italian manufacturer RotoPack SRL. The machine seals and cuts film around trays by way of a pneumatic piston; temperature and sealing time are adjustable to seal different kind o
Packaging event for F&B elite
02.12.2005 - IN a move which turns the traditional exhibition model ‘on its head’, an exclusive event for the movers and shapers of the food and beverage packaging industry will take place on the luxury cruiser, Sydney Showboat II, on 6 June 2006.
Microwave module boosts oven yields
17.11.2005 - Add a Heat and Control / AMTek microwave oven module to any new or existing oven line to increase product yields up to 15% and production capacity up to 50%, depending on product.
Shredder offers increased slicing power
08.09.2005 - URSCHEL Laboratories, represented in Australia by Heat and Control Pty Ltd, has launched a variety of new shredding head options for its popular Model CC shredder that offers more horsepower with an available 10HP motor option. Applications for this
Deep crinkle cut
04.07.2005 - URSCHEL Laboratories, represented in Australia by Heat and Control, has developed a deep crinkle strip cut, produced by the QuantiCut dicer. The cut offers a crinkle with a depth of approximately 1-1/
Food cutting catalogue
03.05.2005 - URSCHEL Laboratories, represented in Australia by Heat and Control, has released the How to Cut Food and Related Products 116-page catalogue.
Proportional gate for Fastback conveyors
22.04.2005 - HEAT and Control's has released the Revolution proportional gate for FastBack conveyors. It allows the distribution of proportional quantities of baked products and snacks to multiple weighers, seasoning systems and other equipment without interrupti
Potato slice washer cuts water usage
22.04.2005 - HEAT and Control has released Gentle Wash, a potato slice washer that cuts fresh water usage by up to 80%. It also reduces downtime for fryer decrumbing by efficiently removing surface starch and fines from potato slices and wash water using a three-
Smith’s expands in Queensland
15.03.2005 - A revolutionary new deep fryer could soon be used by food processing plants around the world to produce tasty Red Rock Deli chips and earn the Smart State millions of dollars in export sales, according to Queensland Minister for State Development and
Twin-drum spiral oven
04.02.2005 - HEAT and Control has released the Twin-Drum Spiral Oven. The cooking environment is independently controlled for each spiral drum, leading to faster cooking, higher product yields and greater production output.
High speed conveyor for higher production
02.02.2005 - DELIVERING the fastest travel rates of any comparable conveyor, Heat and Control's new FastBack 260E brings all the advantages of horizontal motion conveying to producers of products requiring high transfer speeds.
Horizontal conveyor for food industry
24.11.2004 - HEAT and Control has released the FastBack 260E conveyor. It is suitable or frozen vegetables, snacks and baked products, cut lettuce and fresh vegetables. In the case of potato chips, its design doubles product throughput, transferring product at 12
Equipment manufacturer expands at home and abroad
25.03.2004 - ONE of Australia’s leading packaging and processing machinery manufacturers, Heat & Control, has increased the size of its main manufacturing plant in Brisbane by 50 per cent and may have to increase it further in the next few years.
Dicer offers small footprint, high production
21.01.2003 - URSCHEL Laboratories has introduced the new DiversaCut 2110 dicer. Featuring a compact cutting zone design that creates a smooth transition of product flow, the DiversaCut 2110 dicer occupies less floor space while offering high production capacity t
Dicer has interchangeable cutting blades
14.04.2002 - Operating continuously at high production speeds, Urschel's Model G-A Dicer cuts uniform dices, straight strips and slices of a variety of meats, cheese products as well as fruit and vegetables, breads and pasta.
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