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Urschel now offers a 3 pice deep lattice knife

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article image Urschel now offers a 3 pice deep lattice knife

Urschel Laboratories now offers a three-piece deep lattice knife set-up made specifically for the Urschel Model CCL Lattice Slicer, and available from Heat and Control .

A clamp, knife blade, and knife holder make-up the three-piece knife and deliver maximum performance. Over time, the Urschel three-piece lattice knife also offers cost-savings over single-piece knives. Only the blade needs to be replaced with the three-piece configuration. This configuration ensures optimal cut quality and lessens the possibility of machine jamming.

Lattice slicing is a unique application. Proper feeding of the machine is necessary to ensure continuous production. Tempered high quality oval or flat shaped potatoes measuring between 51 – 102 mm are best suited and potatoes are fed into a revolving impeller assembly consisting of four rotating potato holding tubes. The tubes allow the potato to be rotated in a vertical axis while being revolved in a radial direction. Centrifugal force holds the potatoes tightly against the inside surface of the spherical shaped slicing head. As the potatoes rotate inside the slicing head, they make an approximate one-quarter turn between each of the four crinkle knife stations. This results in intersecting crinkles on each side of the slice. Average capacity is approximately 4,000 lbs. per Hour.

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