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Twin-drum spiral oven

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article image Two-zone cooking control.

HEAT and Control has released the Twin-Drum Spiral Oven. The cooking environment is independently controlled for each spiral drum, leading to faster cooking, higher product yields and greater production output.

Each spiral drum is housed in a separate cylindrical enclosure. Air flows uniformly across the conveyor from all sides to provide minimal temperature variation across the belt and from top to bottom.

This produces faster, more uniform cooking, with no need to overcook to ensure all products are fully-cooked. By using separate enclosures for each drum, Heat and Control delivers true independent cooking control for each spiral conveyor zone.

The Twin Drum Spiral Oven is simple to clean because the support framework for the spiral conveyor also serves as piping for the clean-in-place system, providing sprays to wash even hard-to-reach areas. Cylindrical enclosures eliminate corners where debris can accumulate, and raise clear of their bases for 360° access to all internal parts.

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