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DESIGNED for durability, the Turboflo Spiral Freezer is a modern, reliable and robust construction that will cater to any freezer requirements, says Heat and Control .

Depending on the particular product, the Turboflo Spiral Freezer freezes with a weight loss factor as low as 0.5%. This exceptionally low weight loss is made possible through the use of Heat and Control’s computer aided design system, which ensures the selection of the best possible combination of evaporator geometry and air flow to suit any particular application.

Employing the latest construction techniques and materials, every Turboflo Spiral Freezer is built to adhere to the rigours of continuous operation in the harshest of environments and washdown chemicals.

Built for fast and effective sanitation, through the combination of modern materials, high hygiene standards are achieved. In addition, as hygiene is so important, Heat and Control offers a recyclable, internal cleaning/washdown system as an optional feature.

Additional optional features are available and are: Belt Washer, Hot Gas Defrost, Infeed Discharge Conveyor Extension, Down Drum Configuration, Small Radius Belt, Mesh Overlay Belt, Refrigeration Package, Plant Room Installations, Mobius Belt Turn and Turbofrost Sequential Defrost.

Finally, Heat and Control offers fantastic customer service. After investing in a Turboflo spiral freezer, a senior project engineer and his team will be assigned to ensure the customer’s complete satisfaction.

Thorough testing of a product's freezing characteristics can be undertaken in Heat and Control’s technical centre and its engineering staff will perform computer modeling of a proposed system before manufacturing.

After it manufactures and installs a system, company involvement is still not over as its service division will be on hand to fully train personnel in the operation of the new system.

Additionally, Heat and Control can either tailor a personal service programme to suit individual requirements or service the equipment at the customer’s request. Heat and Control will endeavour to help the customer and to make sure that they get the most out of their Turboflo Spiral Freezer.

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