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Transportable tray sealing machine

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article image SR series tray sealing machine.

ROTOPACK SRL’S "SR" series of tray sealers provide the flexibility and durability required to get the job done.

Available from Heat and Control Pty Ltd , the machines are built with aluminium extruded sides, which not only gives them structural strength, but also an elegant appearance.

Particular care has been given to hygiene and safety in the design of the SR range. Two inspection doors are on the machine, one on the anterior and one on the posterior, which allows inspection and maintenance of the electrical panel and the vacuum pump.

The SVR model comes equipped with a vacuum pump to seal trays under vacuum and in a controlled environment.

Drawer ejection is manual, however an automatic pneumatic piston can be added.

While the SPR does not have a vacuum pump as standard, it does come with an inbuilt pneumatic piston for ejecting the tray drawer.

An optional automatic rewind of waste film is also available on both machines.

Versatility in the SR range comes from the ability to quickly and simply change the die and the cutting head to suit different sized and configured trays.

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