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SwitchBack Accumulation Conveyors from Heat and Control

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SwitchBack Accumulation Conveyors from Heat and Control offer in-line accumulation of delicate snacks, frozen meats, poultry and other foods.

The system comprises two independent FastBack conveyors and it can automatically store product in the lower unit while, at the same time, it conveys product in the upper feed conveyor in the opposite direction.

The two available models are Fastback 260E Horizontal Motion Conveyors and Fastback 90E Distribution Conveyors.

SwitchBack Accumulation Conveyors follow this product flow:

  1. Product enters the sloped top pan and gently slides into the lower pan. Pans move in opposite directions allowing new product to accumulate behind previously loaded product for first-in first-out operation.
  2. Product gradually comes to rest in the lower U-shaped pan. When full, this FastBack stops, allowing product to accumulate in the upper pan.
  3. When both pans are full, product can be diverted out of the accumulator if necessary.
  4. SwitchBack operates as a gentle transfer conveyor when accumulation is not required.

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