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State-of-the-art checkweigher

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article image The DACS-W-180 checkweigher.

THE DACS-W-180 is a new state-of-the-art checkweigher that combines versatility and flexibility with greater accuracy and higher speed. Products up to 18kg can achieve a maximum speed of 84 packs per minute.

Available through Heat and Control , the lightweight conveyor, enhanced direct drive motor and a unique low friction belt make DACS-W-180 the fastest and most accurate in its class.

Digital filtering permits automatic setting of the filter characteristics to weighing conditions, resulting in enhanced checkweigher speed and accuracy.

Furthermore, in order to manage many high speed adding and multiplying computations required for digital filtering and weigh data processing, a high speed 'DSP' chip has been included. The DSP permits accurate signal processing under a wide range of weighing conditions.

The Remote Control Unit (RCU) features a high visibility fluorescent graphic display with tactile membrane keyboard which can conveniently be angled to suit individual applications.

The advanced Host Computer Interface concept enables the checkweigher to become a fully-integrated production and packaging line, providing detailed production and weighing information to support total factory control.

The checkweigher can be interfaced via a 'DDE' link to many Windows packages, such as Excel, for integration into the end-users management and control systems. Simple and straightforward to work, the DACS-W-180 offers user-friendly operation.

Robust construction makes cleaning of the machine, and underneath the floor space, simple. Cleaning can be done in a matter of minutes, reducing downtime to a minimum. In addition, the layout of the electronics on a single layered panel within the vertical tower makes the machine design unique and offers remarkable accessibility for maintenance, again reducing downtime to a minimum.

To suit specific production requirements, DAC-W-180 is available in both painted body and waterproof specification.

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