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Potato slice injection blancher

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article image Heat and Control's injection blancher.

HEAT and Control's injection blancher forces hot water through the bottom of the potato slice pack for uniform blanching and improved fryer performance.

Using similar technology to that found in the company's french fryer fryers and nut roasters, the injection blancher features multiple hot water inlets located across the bottom of the pan.

Injecting hot water evenly beneath the product agitates and separates the slices for thorough, uniform blanching.

Unlike side injection blanchers which compress slices into the center of the blancher, Heat and Control's bottom injection design spreads slices evenly across the width of the pan and discharge conveyor for more efficient dewatering and delivery to the fryer.

This reduces fryer fuel usage and eliminates unevenly cooked clusters of chips. An independent drain conveyor and AirSweep vacuum/blow-off system remove surface water from slices for further fryer fuel savings.

Blanching time is infinitely adjustable between 30 seconds and four minutes thanks to an overhead product metering conveyor. Fines are continuously removed from circulating water by a motorised catch box to reduce drain water costs and transfer of debris into the fryer.

To simplify cleaning, the blancher's full-length hood and metering conveyor can be raised clear of the pan with built-in screw jack hoists.

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