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New batter coated French fry system speeds up food production

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Heat and Control introduces the latest range of batter-coated French fry frying systems. 

Heat and Control’s latest batter applicator and multi-zone fryer system can produce over 16,000 kg/hr of finished crispy batter-coated French fries.

The batter applicator in the frying system applies a clear coating that gives the fries a crisp texture and long serving life. Submersion in a pool of premixed batter and passage through two batter curtains ensure uniform coverage. The applicator’s batter tank and drip pan are chilled to maintain batter consistency and reduce cleaning requirements. 

Cleaning is additionally simplified with the outside-return conveyor belt raised clear of the pan while the entire applicator system slides aside for sanitation, or when an uncoated product is run.

Heat and Control’s latest technology ensures controlled, uniform cooking and efficient operation of the fryer. Each of the fryer’s two independent stages has three oil temperature zones for precise temperature control and rapid fines removal. 

Oil inlets and outlets are specially designed to deliver uniform side-to-side oil-to-product velocity and Delta-T. The outside-return conveyor belt reduces oil volume in the fryer. Unitised construction provides a stable pan structure that resists thermal deformity.

Parts such as oil filters, pumps, steam heat exchanger, clean-in-place components and piping are pre-assembled on a compact Fryer Support Module to reduce installation time and maintenance costs. All functions from batter mixing and coating to cooking and cleaning are controlled from one PLC touch screen. 

Oil mist eliminators and heat recovery systems are available to remove oil mist and utilise wasted heat from fryer stack emissions.

Heat and Control builds French fry and formed potato product fryer systems with capacities up to 22.6 metric tons/hr and supplies complete lines including potato unloading, storage, processing, seasoning and coating applicators, conveyors, weighers, inspection and packaging equipment, all backed by post-sale service and technical support.

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