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New FPS multi-coating applicators from Heat and Control reduce unplanned downtime

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Heat and Control presents a new range of multi-coating applicators designed to reduce unplanned downtime and uniformly apply coatings.  

The new FPS coating applicators from Heat and Control continuously apply flour, cracker meal, any style of crumb (including Panko) as well as sugar, spices, coconut and even potato sticks to a wide variety of products.  

Available in a range of sizes and models, FPS coating applicators are built to meet Wisconsin Dairy Association (WDA) and USDA sanitary standards.  

FPS applicators do not use augers or transfer mechanisms that can grind coatings to dust and contribute to downtime for repairs and cleaning. A Transverse Lift Conveyor (TLC) in the applicator gently circulates coatings to reduce degradation, jamming and changeover delays common to applicators that use augers.  

Key features of FPS coating applicators:  

  • All models use variable speed AC drives to reduce maintenance
  • Coatings can be discharged quickly for fast changeovers and sanitation
  • Compact and portable applicators can be moved to create different equipment layouts or for cleaning off-line
  • Large, hinged panels provide complete internal access
  • TLC belt can be removed without using tools  
FPS Tumble Breaders   
  • Uses a vibratory conveyor to tumble, coat and convey product at high transfer rates
  • Vibratory conveying eliminates maintenance-intensive wire belt conveyors that cause downtime
  • Fully adjustable vibratory conveyor amplitude and frequency, and coating delivery for uniform coverage on all types of products
  • Finished product can be spread, aligned or laned to suit downstream inspection, cooking and freezing equipment


FPS Compact Breaders   

  • Uniformly applies a wide variety of coatings from pre-dust to final pass
  • Requires less line length than traditional applicators
  • Can be rolled to different locations
  • Sprockets are welded to shafts, eliminating keyway/set screw maintenance 
FPS Batter Applicators  
  • Uniformly applies batters and marinades to all surfaces of formed and natural products
  • Reduced maintenance and cleaning costs with electric drives, fully welded construction and pivot up submerger


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