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Modular lines optimise snack packaging

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article image Can be customised to fit new and existing lines.

HEAT and Control offers the world's first fully integrated snack packaging systems backed by a single international parts, service, and training organisation.

Heat and Control Snack Packaging Modules can be configured with conveyors, weighers, bagmakers, case packers, and seasoning applicators designed to work together as a single synchronised unit. Compact, modular construction reduces support structure requirements and installation costs.

Capable of packaging up to 150 bags/minute, Snack Packaging Modules can be customised to fit new and existing lines. Choose from a single weigher/bagmaker module, add an automatic case packer, a scale feed conveyor, a seasoning applicator, or all machines as a coordinated unit, backed by one supplier.

For optimal weighing and bagmaking, Ishida's new Integrated Packaging System is a free-standing unit composed of Ishida's ATLASTM universal bagmaker and a CCW-R multihead weigher.

Ishida's new ATLAS bagmaker delivers consistently uniform bags with clean seals at the industry's highest speeds, improving productivity and reducing film and product waste.

Large and small bags can be produced on the same system. ATLAS makes 4" to 13" wide bags up to 28" long, eliminating the need for dedicated lines for each bag size. Simple film loading and threading, automatic film centring and tensioning, and a convenient vacuum-assisted film splicing table facilitate fast changeovers. Ishida bagmakers are also available for pillow, strip pack, and flat-bottom bags, banner attachments, hole punch, tear notch, perforated and zig-zag cuts.

Ishida invented multihead weighing and its new Millennium weigher delivers the fastest, most accurate filling ever. A single, easy-to-use remote touch screen controls both the bagmaker and weigher, reducing changeover time and ensuring optimum production efficiency.

Ishida's new iStationTM combines a bag seal tester, bag collator, and case packer in a system that greatly reduces labour costs by automatically checking bag integrity, counting, collating and loading bags into corrugated cases. Gentle handling preserves product quality and packs up to 3 layers of bags in 3 x 12 or other patterns.

For accurate product delivery to the Ishida weigher, FastBack horizontal motion conveyors reduce product breakage by up to 60% compared to vibratory conveyors. Seasonings remain on the product and do not build-up in the conveyor pan.

FastBack seasoning application systems produce more uniform coverage using less seasoning than other systems. Options include pivoting drums with removable liners for fast changeovers and cleaning.

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