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Microwave oven uniformly heats potato products

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For drying, preheating and cooking of potato products, Heat and Control / AMTek microwave ovens provide reliable operation, easy cleaning and reduced energy usage.

Rotating antennas evenly distribute microwaves providing uniform heating across the product conveyor width with no hot-spots. This can provide more consistent product, whether the application is pre-heating potato products or cooking baked potatoes.

Heat and Control/AMTek microwave ovens feature smart transmitters which automatically ramp power up or down according to product load, and feature liquid-cooled circuitry and internal arc detection for reliable operation.

Rapid start magnetrons can last up to 14 000 hours.

Safe with no microwave leakage, and over 85% energy efficient, these ovens are built to USDA guidelines and are available with a continuous wash/dry system for the conveyor.

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