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According to Heat and Control , adding precision, quality and versatility to the production process, Mastermatic Prepared Foods Fryers provide automated continuous frying for a variety of prepared food products!

Precise frying control is available as Mastermatic Prepared Foods Fryers accurately control temperature and conveyor speed for consistently uniform products. Products carefully cooked in the fryers include: chicken nuggets, french fries, sea foods, coated vegetables, tempura products, meatballs and patties, eggrolls, hash browns and fried pies.

Superior product quality is provided as low oil volume gives fast oil turnover rates for fresh, crisp products with a longer shelf life. Furthermore the unique Mastermatic Cool Zone extends oil life and makes your oil last longer.

Maximum versatility is maintained as a variety of conveyor belts are available for different products. For your benefit, all models feature multiple heating zones for optimal temperature control.

Mastermatic Prepared Food Fryers provide a large frying area from a relatively small footprint, meaning that they require minimal floor space to become a part of your production process.

Installation is easy as all models are pre-wired and include operating controls. In addition, fryer systems can be delivered pre-piped to reduce the cost of installation for you.

Cleaning is simple and straight forward as main and submerger conveyors separate and raise clear of the pan to facilitate cleaning. The fryer is built to USDA standards.

You can choose from one of our standard conveyor designs or let us custom design a fryer for your unique products, so that we can guarantee that you get the most from your machine.

Optional features include: continuous oil filter, sediment removal conveyor, automatic oil level control, fire suppression components, coating systems and packaging systems.

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