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article image Safe, efficient and fast: the Mastermatic Batch Fryer

IF a heavy-duty fryer for the high-volume production of nuts, snacks and other foods is required, then Mastermatic Batch Fryers are the only option, according to Heat and Control .

Mastermatic Batch Fryers are available in sizes that will produce 600 and 800 finished pounds of product per hour.

As well as quantity, quality is also provided. Low oil volume ensures fast oil turnover rates for fresh, crisp products with an extended shelf life. The unique Mastermatic Cool Zone below the heating tubes extends oil life by separating crumbs and particles from the higher temperature cooking zone.

Uniform oil heating is achieved as the proven oval tube direct gas-fired heating system transfers heat quickly and evenly throughout the cooking zone. In addition, rapid temperature recovery assures efficient production of the product.

In terms of safety, a simple dial control adjusts oil temperature between 90ºC and 200ºC. Automatic flame safeguard and oil over-temperature controls assure safety for those working with and around Mastermatic Batch Fryers.

Mastermatic Batch Fryers provide a large frying area from a relatively small footprint, meaning that they require minimal floor space to become a part of a production process.

Optional equipment is on offer and includes:

* All stainless steel cabinet

* Product drainage tray

* Cooling table with blower

* Continuous oil filter

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