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MasterTherm batch fryers now available from Heat and Control

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article image MasterTherm batch fryer shown with hood in the open position

Heat and Control 's new MasterTherm batch fryers are capable of producing 500 finished pounds of batch fried potato chips of almost any style per hour.

A thermal fluid heat exchanger which is immersed in the oil in these batch fryers ensures cooking oil is heated gently and uniformly throughout. Heating tubes are generously space so as to allow for easy cleaning, and to eliminate areas where fines can accumulate.

Each of these heating tubes is electro-polished to further simplify cleaning, and also expands independently to greatly reduce damage that may be caused by thermal stress.

For safety, a full length hood covers these batch fryers. This hood also ensures that:

  • heat is retained for high energy efficiency
  • steam blanketing the oil purges oxygen to prolong oil life
  • exhaust volume is far less than fryers using area hoods; and
  • a clean-in-place system reduces sanitation labour.

When in operation, potato slices are automatically agitated and removed from the batch fryers by Heat and Control's Chip-Stirr paddle system. PLC control maintains a consistent temperature profile from batch to batch, and stores multiple product profiles for quick changeovers and repeatable product quality.

MasterTherm batch fryers also feature:

  • a continuous fines removal system
  • an oil mist eliminator which removes oil droplets from exhaust emissions; and
  • a screw jack hoist system that safely raises the hood and heat exchanger for complete access inside the fryer.

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