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Hygienic belts for the meat industry

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article image The meat industry can benefit from the X-MPB belt.

UNI-chain's new X-MPB belt is the durable, economical and hygienic option for the meat industry.

Designed for durability, the X-MPB has a range of applications to suit any requirements.

Available from Heat and Control , it can be used for shackle lines, evisceration lines, offal conveyors, cutting lines, deboning lines, fat/trim lines and bone conveyors.

The intention of the X-MPB is to provide strength and speed. The plastic modular belt allows a higher load and impact without breaking, which is due to its strong and heavy duty design. Unique sprocket engagement allows a higher product load capability and longer conveyors.

The X-MPB ensures operational economy and hygiene. It is easy to clean and has a unique locking system, which results in downtime for cleaning and maintenance being drastically reduced.

All materials used are FDA approved and the plastic modular belts are U.S.D.A accepted.

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