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Heat exchanger incinerates fryer exhaust pollutants

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article image The KleenHeat heat exchanger

COMBINING oil heating and pollution control, Heat and Control Pty Ltd 's patented KleenHeat pollution control heat exchanger surpasses simple afterburner technology.

Fryer exhaust is drawn into KleenHeat's combustion chamber and mixed with the hot products of combustion from the heat exchanger burner.

After odours and pollutants are incinerated, combustion heat is routed through KleenHeat's frying oil heat exchanger where heat is transferred to the cooking oil instead of being vented to the atmosphere as wasted heat.

Without using additional fuel, KleenHeat's efficiency rating exceeds that of most heat exchangers which do not offer pollution control.

More information is available on www.heatandcontrol.com

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