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Bagel cookers deliver consistent product, clean operation

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According to Heat and Control , available in models to produce from 6,000 to 66,000 bagels per hour, Heat and Control bagel cookers deliver consistent product and clean, reliable operation. Cookers are continuously self-cleaning with a sediment conveyor and water filtration system. Water level control is automatic and a fresh water wash is available to rinse finished product.

While Heat and Control's Mastermatic bagel cookers have been processing bagels since our first system was installed back in 1973, our newest bagel line is capable of producing up to 66,000 bagels per hour!

The infeed of the 30' long bagel cooker accepts the formed uncooked dough in rows of almost 30 bagels across. After cooking in near boiling water for about one minute, the product passes under an Air Knife to blow away most surface water. A Heat and Control infrared dryer then removes any remaining water from the outside of the bagels before final cooking in a bakery oven.

The line has run up to 14 continuous days before a shutdown, which can allow the pH balance of the cooking water to become quite high. Our indirect steam-heated cooker is manufactured from marine grade stainless steel to prevent possible corrosion from such extended periods between cleaning.

The line also features a sediment conveyor that removes corn meal, fruit particles from the flavoured bagels, and other residue. These fines are delivered to a Heat and Control Continuous Belt Filter for effective removal from the cooking water.

Durable Heat and Control bagel lines are manufactured for capacities of 600 to 5500 dozen bagels per hour, and have played a major role in meeting the needs of a market that is growing by nearly 20% a year.

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