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Signal conditioner with maths function

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A DIN-Rail field maths function programmable (DIP switch selectable) signal conditioner with a choice of isolated dc outputs is now available from Heastern Industries .

These mathematics functioning isolating transmitters, designated PI-M, will operate on a very wide (universal) power supply anywhere from 10 to 380V ac or dc.

Accepting simultaneously three dc standard inputs (scalable) in any magnitude within the order 0-10V or 0-20mA dc, the PI-M is configurable to perform one of 29 pre-defined maths functions such as differential, x + y + z summing, averaging, square root, gross product, sample and hold, etc.

Overall accuracy is rated at 0.1% with a resolution of 12 bit (0.025%).

Additionally a 120-point user definable (non-linear) curve is able to be programmed in to the PI-M, for applications such as pressure compensation in non-linear vessels, steam flow, Notch Weir calculations, Parshall Flume determination, etc.

The compact design PI-M DIN-Rail signal processing module is an ideal "function block" in automation and control processes.

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