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Seneca S401 HMI Panel Displays from Heastern Industries

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The Melbourne-based Heastern Industries introduces their new range of process displays, the smart S401 HMI panel display.

HMI or Human Machine Interface is a device that enables interaction between humans and machines.

Key objectives of HMI systems include effective operation and control of machines as well as feedback from machines, which aids the operator in making operational decisions.

Examples of this broad concept of user interfaces include the interactive aspects of process control in manufacturing processes, leading to a fully automated manufacturing process.

The S401 HMI panel displays meet all requirements of a user interface that facilitates interaction between people and machines. The user interface includes hardware and software components.  

The S401 HMI panel displays offer two main functions: 

  • Input allows the users to manipulate a system
  • Output allows the system to indicate the effects of the users' manipulation
The S401 HMI panel displays feature a low power ‘HiBright’ OLED display with a panel size of 96mm x 48mm.

S401 HMI panel displays function as a user interface and are designed for the machine operator to provide minimal input to achieve the desired output while enabling the machine under control to give feedback and run at maximum efficiency.   

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