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Programmable isolating two-wire transmitter

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HEASTERN Industries has released its latest Smart in-head, hockey-puck style transmitter capable of multiple signal processing functions.

The functions include:

· Fully linearised temperature signal processors from thermocouples or RTD sensors.

· Signal processing of resistance signals.

· Converting dc voltage signals to a standard 4-20mA isolated output.

· Potentiometer (resistance) signal conversion to 4-20mA.

The DAT 1065's small mechanical dimensions allow for the mounting of this Smart transmitter in very limited spaces. The device is built around a microprocessor core (developed by Datexel), which controls all device functions in a continuous and reliable manner via a software program.

Easily configured to accept input from a wide variety of sensors and electrical parameters (including four RTD styles, eight different thermocouple types, resistance from 20Ω to 2000Ω, potentiometric inputs or dc voltage input), the resultant output is an industry standard isolated 4-20mA.

The device guarantees accuracy and stable measurement (both in time and operating temperature), by means of its continuous, microprocessor controlled, self-calibration facility.

In this operating mode, the device is no longer subject to the usual variations of the circuit parameters. The DAT1065 also offers protection against polarity reversal.

Programming of all configurable functions and parameters is made easy via a PC software package named Prosoft (developed by Datexel, and supplied free with each DAT1065).

This program operates under all Microsoft Windows operating systems and communicates, via an interface adapter, with the DAT1065. The device can be reconfigured any number of times, even while it is still operating.

As a general rule, the DAT1065 transmitter is supplied pre-configured for the desired sensor type and calibrated for the specific user range. Heastern Industries 03 9894 1228.

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