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Programmable IR temperature sensor

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article image The Convir-IL IR sensor.

CONVENTIONAL contact temperature sensors such as thermocouples or RTDs often prove impractical when required to measure the temperature of objects in motion, objects that need to be kept sterile, objects in a state of production or objects at a high voltage.

These obstacles can be overcome by using the Convir-IL Series of non-contact temperature transmitter, available from Heastern Industries .

The Convir-IL IR sensor has a response time in milliseconds, is non-invasive and can be configured to give a temperature proportional output that is a maximum, minimum or average temperature reading.

It measures temperature over the range -20°C to +500°C with accuracy of ±0.5% and give consistent repeatable results.

The output of the Convir-IR sensor is a 4-20mA dc signal, which is compatible with most process indicators, controllers, recorders, PLCs, and data loggers - without the need for further signal processing.

The Convir-IL is available with a choice of focal optics of either 10:1 or 30:1 Field-of-View. It has adjustable emissivity and is packaged in an all stainless-steel hermetically sealed IP65 housing.

PC configuration of range (anywhere between -20°C and + 500°C) and emissivity is possible utilising the included Convir-IL software (via any PC parallel port).

Also configurable is the output, to transmit max, min, average, or instantaneous real-time temperature out.

These Convir-IL sensors are loop-powered (12-40V dc) and are proving more cost-effective than bulky IR devices.

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